The new SOLAS regulations require that every container packed onto a ship has a verified weight – Tamtron offers type-approved solutions for container weighing

Tamtron provides type-approved scales with advanced data transfer options, that fulfill the new SOLAS regulations. With Tamtron scales, the weighing information can be collected and transferred onward, during normal operations. Tamtron offers optimal container weighing solutions for different surroundings, for ports, freight forwarders and factories.

For example, the Tamtron Power Container Stacker Scale and Straddle Carrier Scale weigh the verified gross mass of the container by the new SOLAS regulations. Weighing with these scales does not add any additional steps to the user’s processes, the scales weigh the containers during the lift enabling fluent handling of containers.

Tamtron also offers type-approved, SOLAS weighing applicable
•Railway scales
•Truck scales for weighing vehicles
•Crane scales

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If you are not sure how your company should act upon the new SOLAS regulations, or you would like to get more information about the solutions provided by Tamtron, please contact us!