Tamtron in TOC Europe fair with a full-scale of weighing solutions to meet the SOLAS regulations

Tamtron, the visionary provider of industrial weighing solutions and weighing information management systems was one of the first companies last spring to introduce to the market type-approved weighing solutions that met the SOLAS regulations. Since July 1st last year it’s been required that all containers have to have a verified gross mass (VGM) before being loaded on to a ship.

In a fast pace Tamtron developed high-quality scales with type-approvals for straddle carriers and reach stackers and an information management solution that allows to combine verified gross mass (VGM) and container ID automatically with possibility of integration to terminal operating system TOS. With Tamtron weighing solution the port customers have been able to smoothen their operations with integrated bi-directional weighing information management system where the data is reliably available real-time and also avoid falsely, due to typing errors declared VGMs.

With accurate and approved Tamtron Power Container Stacker Scale and Tamtron Power Straddle Carrier Scale containers can be weight according to the SOLAS regulations during normal operations without interrupting or slowing down the workflow at seaports or in container depots. The scale is possible to integrate into machine’s on-board computer. Tamtron’s offering also consists other SOLAS-approved scales such as container frame scales, wheel loader scales and truck scales traditionally used in ports. The weighing information from the weighbridges can be transferred to same information management system as from Tamtron on-board scales used in the port to ensure the transparency and traceability of operations and most importantly the safety at seas, as incorrectly reported container weights can cause cargo to fall over and containers to be lost.


Tamtron develops its selection of weighing solutions in a fast pace. The brand-new newcomer of scales is type-approved Tamtron Power Material Handler Scale that is suited for commercial weighing use together with various lifting tools. Just recently Tamtron has also launched for some markets a new version of its cloud service for weighing information management, WNexus 2. With WNexus 2 the weighing information can be managed also with mobile devices, anywhere 24/7, and the user experience of the new version is even smoother. In world wide use the WNexus 2 will be during the autumn.

Growing demands for efficiency and traceability make accurate and easily reportable weighing information essential part of operators’ competitive advantage. The easier, reliable and more automatic collecting and managing the information is, the smoother is everyday business. With Tamtron information management system operations can be optimized to be as fluent and efficient as possible and the reporting liabilities met.

Internationally operating Tamtron is participating to TOC Europe 2017 fair from June 27th to 29th in Amsterdam, Netherlands to exhibit their approved and tested weighing solutions, all meeting the SOLAS requirements: Tamtron Power scales for container stackers, straddle carriers, material handlers and wheel loaders as well as truck, railway and container frame scales.