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Tamtron ANV On-board Crane Scale

Weighs waste and recycling materials during emptying of waste containers, approved for commercial use

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Tamtron One Power Material Handler Scale

Weighs handled material efficiently. The weighing information can be transferred by different options for the business to utilise.

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Tamtron One Power Wheel Loader Scale

One Power weighs the material swiftly and efficiently during loading and moving of materials.

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Tamtron Scalex 1000P truck scale

Optimal choice when a portable truck scale is needed. Can be installed directly onto solid ground. Approved for commercial use.

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Tamtron Scalex 1001 truck scale

Verified for commercial use, this scale for heavy-duty use with a concrete foundation weighs vehicles with excellent accuracy.

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Tamtron Scalex DW600 axle scale

The scale for control weighing of vehicles in motion. Also suitable for overload control and traffic flow monitoring.

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New Tools for Waste Management

The waste management and recycling industry faces new challenges as regulations become more strict, weight-based billing more common, and the need to weigh different types of waste separately grows. Tamtron’s intelligent weighing solutions help you respond to these challenges and ensure the efficiency of your business.

Our scales are a great fit for waste collection vehicles and wheel loaders. We also provide on-board crane scales as well as truck scales with steel and concrete decks, used in waste transfer stations and waste treatment plants.

With Tamtron scales, loads are easy to weigh during transport and processing, and the weighing information is wirelessly uploaded to our WNexus cloud service, or to your existing ERP or transportation management system through integration. Weighing information management enables you to monitor and track different types of waste and optimise your collection routes by the amounts of waste.

Most of our scales are verified for commercial use. We also provide scheduled verifications required by law.