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Load cells

Load cells for customer-specific weighing needs

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Tamtron Scalex 1000P truck scale

Optimal choice when a portable truck scale is needed. Can be installed directly onto solid ground. Approved for commercial use.

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Tamtron Scalex 1001 truck scale

Verified for commercial use, this scale for heavy-duty use with a concrete foundation weighs vehicles with excellent accuracy.

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Tamtron Scalex DW600 axle scale

The scale for control weighing of vehicles in motion. Also suitable for overload control and traffic flow monitoring.

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Tamtron Scalex RDW weighing system

Weighs all wagons, wheels, axles and bogies as well as their loads and weight distribution, and indicates the bogies’ balance.

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Tamtron Scalex Wild Wheel Impact Load Detector and Weighing System

Detects train wheel dents and wheel damages caused by material defects or steel fatigue.

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Tamtron Silverpoint+ control weighing system

For monitoring railway traffic and controlling overloads, the system weighs the weight of trains and wagons in motion.

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Tamtron Trapper Railway Weighing System

A system for weighing trains and wagons either stationary or in-motion, approved for commercial use

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Tailored Solutions for Various Industries

Advanced and durable weighing solutions are more and more pertinent for today’s purchasers of industrial machines. From load cells for OEM businesses and other machine manufacturers, to individually designed weighing and information management ecosystems, Tamtron is a reliable partner in designing tailored weighing solutions.

We are there for the client from the beginning in product development and designing the solutions. We tailor our accurate load cells to be an integral part of the product.

Tamtron designs weighing solutions for trucks and railways always based on the needs of the customer. Our expertise is there for you when you need a customised weighing environment integrated to your operations and serving your business efficiently.

Tamtron’s long experience, customer-oriented approach, and insight for the future makes us a wanted partner in designing tailored weighing solutions.