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Forklift Scale Scalift

Precision cargo weighing and innovative data management for improved workflow with forklift scale

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Load cells

Load cells for customer-specific weighing needs

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Tamtron One Power Container Stacker Scale

Weighs containers accurately and meets the requirements of the SOLAS regulations, without slowing the container terminal processes.

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Tamtron One Power Log Handler Scale

Weighs wood material in motion. The weighing information can be transferred by different options for the business to utilise.

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Tamtron One Power Material Handler Scale

Weighs handled material efficiently. The weighing information can be transferred by different options for the business to utilise.

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Tamtron One Power Wheel Loader Scale

One Power weighs the material swiftly and efficiently during loading and moving of materials.

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Tamtron OPU overload protection unit

The unit stops the lift if the crane is overloaded or the load gets stuck

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Tamtron PCS Crane Scale

A light crane scale for loads less than 10,000 kg, approved for commercial use

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Tamtron Scalex 1000P truck scale

Optimal choice when a portable truck scale is needed. Can be installed directly onto solid ground. Approved for commercial use.

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Tamtron Scalex 1001 truck scale

Verified for commercial use, this scale for heavy-duty use with a concrete foundation weighs vehicles with excellent accuracy.

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Tamtron Scalex DW600 axle scale

The scale for control weighing of vehicles in motion. Also suitable for overload control and traffic flow monitoring.

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Tamtron Scalex RDW weighing system

Weighs all wagons, wheels, axles and bogies as well as their loads and weight distribution, and indicates the bogies’ balance.

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Tamtron SCS+ Crane Scale

A heavier crane scale for weighing needs from less than 3,200 kg to 50 000 kg. Approved for commercial use

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Tamtron Silverpoint+ control weighing system

For monitoring railway traffic and controlling overloads, the system weighs the weight of trains and wagons in motion.

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Tamtron Trapper Railway Weighing System

A system for weighing trains and wagons either stationary or in-motion, approved for commercial use

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For Each Step in Your Process

Tamtron knows the weighing needs of the manufacturing and process industry. Our standard products are designed to fit challenging industrial environments, and we are able to design whole weighing systems on demand, taking different steps of the process into account.

The data gathered by the weighing information management system can be implemented in customer’s own business. It helps to make production control accurate and processes faster and more efficient. Up-to-date weighing information is also useful in quality control and tracking defects.

In addition to manufacturing processes, Tamtron offers weighing solutions for shipping and warehousing. Our crane scales are qualified for commercial use, and weighing sea cargo according to SOLAS regulations is straightforward with Tamtron truck scales.

Using reliable weighing information furthers safety and efficiency and ultimately leads to more profitable business.

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