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Compact and portable solution for heavy-duty weighing. Calibrate your mining truck’s own weighing system accurately and easily.

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Tamtron One Power Wheel Loader Scale

One Power weighs the material swiftly and efficiently during loading and moving of materials.

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Tamtron Power Dumper Truck Scale

Regardless of what machine is used for loading, the easy-to-use scale weighs the material accurately in the loading phase.

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Tamtron Scalex 1000P truck scale

Optimal choice when a portable truck scale is needed. Can be installed directly onto solid ground. Approved for commercial use.

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Tamtron Scalex 1001 truck scale

Verified for commercial use, this scale for heavy-duty use with a concrete foundation weighs vehicles with excellent accuracy.

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Tamtron Scalex DW600 axle scale

The scale for control weighing of vehicles in motion. Also suitable for overload control and traffic flow monitoring.

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Better Co-operation with Shared Information

In earth moving, construction, and mining, material flows are vast and the work is demanding. Collecting and analysing accurate weighing information is invaluable in making the processes more efficient with collaborative effort. The collected information, beginning from the loader and the loading location, makes tracking loads easier, billing quicker, and the material flows smoother to control.

With advanced and easy-to-use Tamtron scales, loads can be weighed during normal operations. The weighing information is uploaded to your ERP system through integration, or to Tamtron’s WNexus cloud service. Our scales for wheel loaders can receive orders wirelessly and give notification when they are carried out.

Tamtron is a reliable partner in earthworks and mining sites with our dumper truck scales, wheel loader scales, truck scales designed especially for worksites, and user-friendly information management systems. WNexus cloud service enables easy reporting between parties and helps in optimising site efficiency by tracking schedules and amounts of materials loaded.

Sharing information between project partners deepens co-operation and makes business transparent and fair for all parties.