The shackle dynamometer is designed for various force measurings, testings and calibrations needes for industry. The measuring information can be saved and transferred for further utilisation.

  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Safe to use, overload warning
  • Large memory, capacity to store 1,800 results

For demanding measuring and testing

The Shackle Dynamometer SHS-BT is designed to endure particularly demanding industrial use. With its compact structure, the device fits perfectly into small spaces, which makes it excellently suited to use in the field. The shackle dynamometer can be used for force measuring and testing of machinery, as well as calibration of ship and machine winches, for example.

The shackle dynamometer capacities available range from 20 tonnes up to 120 tonnes.

The overload warning facility makes the shackle dynamometer even safer to use, and the unit can be used wirelessly from a distance – ensuring easy and safe use. Weighing details are saved to the remote control device’s memory, from where they can be transferred by USB, cable or radio connection to another device to be utilised. The shackle dynamometer is shipped calibrated and ready for use.

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