A scale designed for forwarders, enabling efficient and reliable weighing of log wood, energy wood and pulpwood in forests.

  • Accurate weighing result
  • Large memory for long-duration loggings, 99 memory slots
  • Weighing link fits on the majority of cranes, and is suitable for many models and sizes
  • USB memory and PRL data form compatible with systems used by companies in the forestry industry.

Weighing the wood material while harvesting

The Tamtron Bioforest scale easily and reliably indicates the amount of log wood, energy wood and pulpwood harvested from forests. The Bioforest scale allows for a load to be filled with wood materials belonging to several different forest owners, and the weights of the wood materials can be saved by owner to ensure fair transactions. Collecting wood materials with the Bioforest scale is efficient, with the scale weighing the wood whilst work is still underway, making it particularly well-suited to fast-paced loading.


Weighing Information Management

With the Tamtron Bioforest crane scale it is possible to load several different forest owners’ wood onto one load and categorise the different weights by owner. The information can also be saved by total load or separated by the different material types. The weighing information can be transferred from the scale to the systems used by companies in the forestry industry in compatible PRL format.



Tamtron Bioforest Classic

Well known and recognised in the industry, the Tamtron Bioforest Classic is a trustworthy and accurate model, with its reliability and ease of use widely recognised among professionals.

  • Accurate to 1–2% of total load
  • Fast and easy to install and service
  • Connected to the hydraulics of the crane

Tamtron Bioforest Wireless

The measuring results provided by the Tamtron Bioforest Wireless are very precise. This wireless solution is not connected to the crane’s hydraulics, which minimises the impact of temperature changes on the weighing result. The wireless solution also fits onto timber cranes which have no free space for hoses.

  • Accurate to approx. 1% in normal use
  • Loading style does not affect the weighing result
  • Fast and easy to install and service
  • Long battery life (approx. 2 months in normal use), and batteries are easy and fast to change

All Tamtron Bioforest scale models include a weighing link, which is available in several different models and sizes, starting from 3-tonne standard links.

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