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Tamtron One Cloud is an easy access to more profitable business – with reliable and accurate weighing information, you gain the benefits of a faster work flow, more transparent trade and business, and significant cost savings. The reporting and analysis features enable you to facilitate invoicing and expedite work.

See how the Tamtron One Cloud improves the data flow

In the Tamtron One Cloud, weighing information remains easily available for use and distribution to all different parties within the company, including partners, where necessary. By analysing the accumulated information, you can increase the efficiency and fluency of your company’s operations. Tamtron One Cloud is data secure and easy to use.


Tamtron weigh to know

Operators of all sizes can benefit from the opportunities provided by the collective system formed by scales and the Tamtron One Cloud. Since the scales send the weighing information to the server automatically after weighing, the information remains up-to-date and available whenever needed, even through mobile devices.

Through the One Cloud, orders can be sent directly to the scales and their completion can be acknowledged on the scales. The fact that the weighing information is available in real time ensures that invoicing is possible immediately after weighing. Unlike with traditional receipts, the information will never be lost or delayed on the way.

Two different service levels to suit your company’s needs

Tamtron offers One Cloud with two different service levels

1. One Cloud light

With One Cloud Light the  software is always up to date and the system can be accessed remotely when needed. It is possible to update to full One Cloud later on. Changes in service levels can be made here.

2. One Cloud

The weighing information collected from the scales is available in realtime 24/7 and can be accesses via customer company’s own ERP or invoicing system. The integration is always implemented in a customised manner to ensure an optimal fit to the customer’s operating environment. Order One Cloud from here. 

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