One Timber Crane Scale | Tamtron

Eliminate overload fines, underloads and unnecessary driving to weighing stations with the One Timber crane scale.  The retrofitted, wireless forestry scale is accurate and designed for fast-paced loading up to capacity of 10t. The timber crane scale is compatible with most brands of forestry cranes and excavators with grapples.

  • Easy to install and use
  • Robust weighing link for rugged conditions
  • Straightforward user interface
  • Battery life on average over 2 weeks (spare battery included in the delivery)
  • Loading style does not affect the weighing accuracy
  • Product support and updates to scale available remotely
  • 24/7 real-time data transfer with the One Cloud


The One Timber scale combines wirelessly the Tamtron One display with the new generation strain gauge weighing link.

One Timber forestry scale and its heavy-duty weighing link is ideal for rugged use and round-the-clock operations. This timber crane scale delivers even in severe, harsh working conditions where weighing precision is a must. Based on the strain gauge technology the weighing link is not depended on hydraulics, eliminating friction and moving parts affecting the weighing results. The link is maintenance-free with long battery life. It is modeled to compensate affecting forces and temperature, operating in temperatures from -25°C to +50°C. Embedded weighing link software can be updated as needed. The Tamtron One touch screen display’s user interface is designed and tested in co-operation with forestry operators.


The weighing information transfers automatically from the scale to the One Cloud. With One Cloud service and the wireless data transfer in real time, you can send the weighing orders directly to the scale, locate the crane, and view its work log online. The weighing information and reporting tools are available 24/7 for both internal and external users. Software updates are loaded automatically and when necessary, product support and diagnostics are available remotely. If required, the scale can be delivered with a Bluetooth mobile printer for receipt printing.


With accurate weighing information, you gain the benefits of a faster workflow, more transparent logistics and business, and significant cost savings. Tamtron is the global market leader of weighing solutions for the forestry segment with expertise for nearly 50 years. One Timber crane scale with One Cloud is a reliable, straightforward weighing solution that provides what you want and need for your forestry vehicles and data management.

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