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Our new recruits

This Autumn, Tamtron strengthens its sales & marketing team with two new employees. Markus Ritala, previously Western Europe export manager, has taken on the role of business development director as a new post in the Tamtron Group.   

Natalia Rynty, originally from Petrozavodsk, Russia, starts as the export manager to Russia and Eastern Europe. She has previous work experience in sales and in IT for over a decade. The Russian market and Tamtron’s entry to it with the new cloud services she sees as an interesting prospect that will boost Tamtron’s international success story.

“The development plans for the Russian markets look extensive and I believe there will be a real growth of weighing solutions used in different business sectors. Online services and certified weighing products are the tools with what Tamtron is going to win over the customers. Supporting existing distributors and connecting with new ones is something I really look forward to. The first impression of the company was devotion and professionalism in the staff and people being enthusiastic about the future of weighing.”

Emilce Kopra starts as the sales and marketing assistant. She did 6 months’ training in the sales team for her degree in International Export Competence and continues in the export operations. Originally from Mendoza, Argentina, she is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese, and has previous work experience in the fields of customer service, marketing, and sales. Emilce will support in her role the export managers and distributors as well as take part in the international marketing.

“With this kind of unique business, everyday there is something new to learn. I really look forward to continuing with the development plans Tamtron has for the international markets. Collaborating with the local distributors for example in South America always gives you a new perspective on the products.”

Markus Ritala, who joined Tamtron in 2017 and has been working as an export manager, has progressed on 1st of April to the post of business development director for the Tamtron Group. As business development director Markus focuses on sales and marketing development of the whole Tamtron Group and has joined the management team being responsible also for Tamtron brand, offering, sales processes and tools. The company’s operations have been successfully growing organically – with new products and services being introduced Tamtron will boost to meet its growth strategy. The emergence of digital channels affects the weighing business as well as the sales and marketing tools in the company – Markus with his team starts the development into this field, too.

“With my previous experience as an export manager, I really look forward to continuing to develop the Group’s business and strategy to reach the growth plans. We are lucky in that we at Tamtron have a strong know-how in all the segments we supply weighing solutions to, and we have new services to introduce to our clients. One of my main tasks is to keep supporting and strengthen the subsidiaries in Europe and our global distributor network to increase our global reach. Existing and new OEM manufacturers is another great prospect for Tamtron, and I feel we can focus on good things to come in the nearby future. As a forerunner in cloud services for weighing, we have new offerings and integration possibilities to all the segments we serve. This year will be a busy one with new product launches, which is always a good thing.”                          

All three are located at the Tamtron headquarters at Tampere, Finland.