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New: One Scalex – Cloud Based Truck Scale Software

Tamtron Launches a New Generation of Cloud-based Truck Scale Software

Launched on August 1st, 2020, One Scalex is a completely new cloud-based truck scale software that focuses on the following features:

  • A truck scale solution that supports the flow of information between different user groups and the efficiency of work
  • Real-time data related to weighing and interfaces to customer systems
  • Avoiding human errors when entering data
  • Simplicity and comfort of use
  • Part of Tamtron’s weighing data management ecosystem and builds on the Tamtron’s One Cloud database


What is One Scalex all about?

  • Weighing with mobile user interface
  • Access to weighing data by different user groups on different terminals
  • Combining data sources and importing data into the customer company’s ERP system
  • More real-time information on weighings and thus, for example, stock balances
  • Transmission of receipts, transfer documents and other documents into digital format

Superior user experience

The design of the new truck scale solution has been implemented in a user-oriented manner. The goal is not only to support the current needs of users, but to find new, more efficient ways of operate. In user-centric design, the voices of real users were heard not only at the beginning of the project, but throughout the development process.


Different role – different interface

Sounds awkward but actually helps with use. The driver interface is optimized for mobile use. Big buttons, few choices in view -> easy to use on your mobile with one hand. The operator interface is optimized for desktop size. The operator performs the same actions often -> there are key functionalities in the same view, so there is no need to click back and forth. The user interface of the load checker is optimized for mobile use but not for weighing but for inspection. The management accesses either through ERP or through Tamtron’s One Cloud website.

Read more about One Scalex here ->


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