Legal-For-Trade Certification for Tamtron’s automatic railway scale Trapper

We have received updated EU-type examination certificate for the automatic Trapper railway scale. According to the certificate, the weighing accuracy of wagons and trains is 0.2. This is unique and will bring great benefits to our customers. The certification process was completed in June 2018.

Key features of Trapper railway scale are:
• Type-approved in the highest accuracy class
• Suitable for stationary and in-motion weighing
• Also suitable for in-motion weighing of liquid cargo wagons
• Quick installation, no need for track work
• Designed for harsh environment
• Prevents damage to rail infrastructure and rolling stock
• Increased safety

When accuracy and reliability are important factors in weighing wagons, the best choice is our Tamtron Trapper.

For more information about Tamtron Trapper railway scale:…/tamtron-trapper-railway-wei…/