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GOST-certified weighing solutions introduced to the Russian market

Products exported to the Russian market and other CIS region states require by law to have the GOST certificates for approved set of technical standards. Tamtron  has acquired GOST approvals in 2019 for several weighing products.


GOST-certified products are tested, safe and accepted to be used by consumers and businesses. For businesses in the fields of mining, construction, ports, logistics and industry these GOST-approved products have been scarce up until now.

When handling materials, loading containers, or tracking logistics flows, weighing is the best way to gather accurate information. Tamtron Oy is a Finnish scale manufacturer that has over 40 years’ experience of developing tailored weighing solutions with its clients. In 2019 Tamtron  has acquired the GOST-certifications for several scales in different business segments after the approval process and is ready to export to the Russian market its effective weighing systems.

Weighing needs vary within businesses: in industries crane scales weigh the manufacturing materials, in mining and construction wheel loaders with scales weigh the loaded materials, and containers in a port are moved and weighed with the vehicles’ onboard scale. For train and truck logistics, weighing stations can be mobile or stationary. At Tamtron we produce the scales for these needs with great accuracy and reliability and are happy to introduce these scales with GOST certificates.

  • For construction, there are two GOST certified scales: the Power wheel loader scale with the cabin instrument and the wheel loader scale for Windows onboard computers with the Power PC software.
  • For port operations the reach stacker scale with the Power instrument and for PC use the Power PC software have the GOST certification and also SOLAS (International Convention for the Safety at Sea) approval according to the 2016 implementation.
  • Railway weighing systems Tamtron Trapper, the train scale system, and Tamtron Wild for wheel defect detection are GOST-certified and can be used for commercial weighing, too. Both the portable truck scale Scalex 1000P and the stationary truck scale Scalex 1001 are introduced to the Russian market with GOST approval, as well the axle scale Tamtron Scalex DW600.
  • For industrial processes and factories, Tamtron has two GOST-approved crane scales: SCS crane scale with weighing capacity up to 50 tonnes and PCS crane scale with weighing capacity up to 10 tonnes.

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